Foundation Overview

We are committed to running Foundation Licence courses when we can. Everyone is welcome to attend our courses, you don’t have to be a member of our club (if you live locally you might like to think about joining though).

For further information contact us at or on 07989501666.

The Foundation Licence

The “Foundation licence” is a new type of ham radio licence.

It enables you to easily get on the air and enjoy the exciting world of amateur radio.

In short, getting the licence involves:

  • A 10 hour course, which is compulsory, but not too painful
  • A very basic Morse code assessment

Once you have obtained your foundation licence you will be able to use most of the HF & VHF amateur bands (with 10 watts), on any mode (SSB/FM/AM/CW/PSK etc). You will be able to enjoy contacts with other radio hams both locally all over the world.