Foundation Overview

We are committed to running Foundation Licence courses when we can. Everyone is welcome to attend our courses, you don’t have to be a member of our club (if you live locally you might like to think about joining though).

For further information contact Philip 2I0AAD at

The Foundation Licence

The “Foundation licence” is a new type of ham radio licence.

It enables you to easily get on the air and enjoy the exciting world of amateur radio.

In short, getting the licence involves:

  • A 10 hour course, which is compulsory, but not too painful
  • A very basic Morse code assessment

Once you have obtained your foundation licence you will be able to use most of the HF & VHF amateur bands (with 10 watts), on any mode (SSB/FM/AM/CW/PSK etc). You will be able to enjoy contacts with other radio hams both locally all over the world.